How Much weight/temperature can the Fire Mesh Hold?

The Fire mesh is designed to hold up to 100lbs of wood comfortably. Made from a special stainless steel alloy designed to withstand repeated heating and cooling cycles the fire mesh can withstand temperatures up to 2,700F. (Average campfire is 1,200F - 1,500F).

Is the Fire Pit Stable in the Wind?

Because of its low center of gravity and wide base the fire pit is extremely stable even in very high winds.

How does it burn with less smoke?

Smoke comes from the volatile organic compounds(tree sap, hydrocarbons etc.) in the wood, and a lack of airflow to create a hotter temperature in the wood. Because the fire mesh allows an optimal airflow into a fire it significantly reduces the amount of smoke produced. 

Another byproduct of this increased airflow is a brighter, livelier fire, your coals will burn with a bright orange glow.

Does this burn faster than a normal campfire?

Yes, at the beginning of the fire the wood will burn at an increased rate due to the optimal airflow. As the logs break down to embers they form a barrier that slows down the airflow and slows the burn rate to an efficient level while keeping the no smoke effect.

For an example, 8, 6-inch by 18-inch Juniper logs will burn for approximately 3 hours.

What does BLM, USFS, Fire Pan Compliant Mean?

The BLM and USFS are the two bodies that manage the wilderness areas in the United States, they have set a standard that regulates what type of fire pit/fire pan you can use. In our efforts to work with these two agencies we engineered our Pop-Up Fire Pit to be compliant with their regulations.

How long does it take to cool?

All of the materials used in the pit are engineered to cool in 1 minute after your fire has been extinguished.

Will ash fall through the Fire Mesh?

We designed the Fire Mesh to be an extremely tight weave that can still allow airflow and remain flexible. This tight weave only allows the absolute finest ash particle to pass through. 

99% of your ash will be trapped within the Fire Mesh and will not pass. Typically on a 3-hour fire, you will have a tablespoon of ash that has passed through.

How is it "Rust-Proof"?

The Pit is made entirely from an aluminium alloy and stainless steel, neither of which rust.