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Control. prevent. protect.

Control the burn. Prevent the spread of embers & sparks. Protect your forests.


Built for fire

Introducing Camper Defender, the revolutionary heavy-duty cover that puts your campfire to sleep so you can wake it 6 to 8 hours later. It eliminates dousing hassles and lets you quickly re-kindle your fire.


Quickly and easily protect your fire from bad weather or control your fire overnight.


Control safe burning of your coals for 8+ hours.


Use the vent to control your fire or extinguish without water.


Protect your environment keeping dangerous embers contained to your firepit. 


High Temperature Military Grade Fabric, Tested on 100+ fires.


Designed to fit almost any fire pit.


Forged In The Field - Expedition Ready

For decades, outfitters, professional guides, and seasoned outdoorsmen have worked countless hours maintaining and controlling their campfires. The repetitive cycle of igniting, dousing, and rebuilding their campfires daily took away precious time and energy. 

How many fires have been built only to have been diminished by wind, rain or snow? The Campfire Defender finally gives you a portable tool that can be used over a live fire, giving your coals hours of weather protection. 

  • Withstands temperatures up to 2500° (campfires are typically 1500°)
  • Easy to use — deploys in under 60 seconds
  • Lasts for over 100 fires
  • Keeps sparks/embers from escaping
  • Prevents children and pets from getting into fire pit
  • Heavy-duty (8 lbs.) — won’t blow away, even in strong winds
  • Comes with handy carrying bag

Campfire Defender Pro-Camper Kit


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Campfire Defender Ultra-Lite Kit


Shipping Included

This uncomplicated, yet ingenious kit controls your campfire, letting you keep coals overnight, put out a fire or protect it from passing rain.
— Popular Mechanics 2017 Editor's Choice New Gear of the Year